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SCA ONLINE Certifications

Take the International Certifications that we detail below from the comfort of your home. Start 3 important coffee topics from the comfort of home or work. The 3 specialties require your participation in 2 ONLINE programmable sessions. By completing each one and successfully passing the exams, you obtain the Certification of that level and can advance to the next one.


We have opened the possibility of taking 2 of the Certifications of the Coffee Skills Program Online. You have the option having us send a coffee kit to follow along the activites (it is quoted per person apart from the course fee) or source the list of coffees in your local market. Each class consists of 2 online sessions, we adapt to your schedule. Write us to sign up for your first session: Whatsapp: +50321000978


Introduction to Coffee

At the Start of the Program, we teach you what a special coffee means and how the value chain should work to get the maximum score. You learn about the entire program and the importance of each topic. 


Sensory Skills

Learning the SCA protocol gives you a tool to be able to distinguish the sensory qualities necessary for a specialty coffee to be marketable. 


Elaboration of Coffee

Learn the guidelines that are required to be able to prepare a special coffee in the different methods. Learn how scientifically you can recognize the flavors of a coffee and adjust it.


Green coffee

The International Certification for bartering coffee. What do we need to be able to fulfill export contracts? What do the defects taste like? How do we market coffee worldwide.



Roasting coffee is understanding how to infuse heat into the beans we receive, maximizing their flavor and potential in the cup.


Barista Skills

The method to prepare coffee professionally in an espresso machine and with a professional grinder. Learn to use your equipment, take care of it and prepare delicious drinks in it under the SCA parameters. 


The Specialty Coffee Association Sustainability Program will engage you in the issues facing coffee that threaten future generations. You will begin by learning about this important topic for the entire coffee chain and how you can help change mentalities inside and outside your business. 


Programa de Sostenibilidad

Este programa puede ser cursado 100% en línea sin tener que viajar a El Salvador. 

Programa tu primera clase Nivel Fundamentos con el AST a cargo. 

Sostenibilidad es algo que todos los actores de la cadena de Cafés Especiales necesitan adoptar para sobrevivir y triunfar. El Programa de Sostenibilidad de SCA explora qué significa ser sostenible, cuáles son los retos que enfrentamos todos los involucrados en café y cómo aportar. 

Coffee Skills
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