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Monday to Saturday: 9am to 5pm


Tasting Classes need an advance to be able to be scheduled on the calendar. The coffees of your class are roasted 1 day before your class.

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Academia Barista Pro accepts credit card payments for purchases over $ 20

Catacion de Cafe en El Salvador

International and International students can pay by BUY CLICK without having to visit Academia Barista Pro. You can request your payment link at +50321000978

Catacion de Cafe en El Salvador


Coffee Aromas ..................................... $ 60 + tax
Duration: 1/2 day

Learn about the 36 main aromas you find in coffee and how to develop them to find them in cupping. Exercises with the Le Nez du Café Kit.

Tasting 101 ........................................... $ 100 +tax
Duration: 1.5 days

C urso Cupping 101: It teaches you what is essential for sensory evaluation in a practical way, through exercises that investigate the way in which what we taste is perceived, knowledge that is then applied to evaluate the natural characteristics of coffee. Let's learn about the qualities of specialty coffees and how to implement these Sensory Skills in your Coffee Business. We start with human psychology to perceive flavors on the palate, then begin to taste different qualities and processes.

Premium Coffee Tasting .................. $ 105 + tax
Duration: 1 day

Every year, the founders of Academia Barista Pro take on the task of finding and buying the best coffees from renowned Salvadoran producers, which we roast to our elite clients and roast for this practical course. It is recommended that you have taken Aromas y Catación 101 before this one. We recommend scheduling the cupping courses with a minimum of 3 days.


Take all our Tastings in the PROGRAM and receive a Discount!


TASTING PROGRAM - $ 238.50 + Tax

PRICE WITH VAT: $ 269.51

Program Duration: 3 days

Price per person


Academia Barista Pro offers Zero Rate Financing with your credit cards from the Bank of Central America (BAC) for 3 or 6 months for your purchases of products and services of $ 200 +


What is the Coffee Cupping?

The Coffee Cupping is a sensory evaluation, where different attributes are perceived through the senses to determine qualities.

What Will You Learn in the Academia Barista Pro Coffee Cupping Courses?

The Coffee Cupping Courses at Academia Barista Pro are the beginning for the student to learn to identify, perceive and appreciate different qualities of coffee in a practical way. The students will be exposed to freshly roasted INHOUSE coffees of different processes, qualities, varieties and coffee growing areas in El Salvador. We have designed this Cupping program to include exercises to sharpen and awaken the essential senses to learn to Objectively evaluate Coffee. We develop analytical and critical thinking skills and you will be able to learn the protocol used internationally for Tasting Coffee in the World.

How much time should I have for a Coffee Cupping Program?

Our Coffee Cupping program is completed in 3 days. Taking into account our morning, afternoon or full day schedules (9am to 12pm - 2pm to 5pm). This cupping program will help the person to properly recognize and communicate what makes up a sensory analysis of specialty coffees.

Our learning plan is 100% face-to-face and personalized, so you can have a maximum of 4 students in your classes or a minimum of 1 person.

Who is our Coffee Cupping program designed for?

This program is planned for amateurs and professionals of all kinds, those who wish to have a better understanding of what a Special Coffee is versus a Common one. It is a training where a great knowledge is acquired about the cupping protocol and where the client will learn about how to identify flavors, facilitating communication and understanding that must exist between World of Coffee tasters.

No prior knowledge is necessary for these courses or program.


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