We are in the middle of the year and honored to have acquired more great  coffees. Little by Little we introduce new coffees to our yearly offerings and this makes us happy. We are very honored for your preference and will continue to delight with our Coffee Offerings. This year we offer International shipping for all roasted coffees. Questions, please write to us  Whatsapp: 50321000978 info@academiabaristapro.com. 

Meet the Producers behind our 2019 Specialty Coffee Pick

Academia Barista Pro Specialty Coffees

Academia Barista Pro accepts Green Coffee Samples year round. Samples must come "0" defects, over screen 16, must contain origin details, process and Beneficio. We require a minimum sample of 454 grams. Samples that comply to our flavor specifications, will be negotiated directly with the producer. We appreciate your business, eager to try the best coffees you can give us. 


Monday Through Saturday: 9am a 5pm

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Updated 2020

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