Tés en hoja suelta en el salvador
Johanna de Rodriguez, Sommelier de Te Certificada en El Salvador

What is a Tea Sommelier?


The most recognized Sommelier is the one who specializes in Wine, responsible for the winery, the person capable of pairing an excellent Merlot with a succulent stew.

Thus, the Tea Sommelier is the professional in charge of knowing tea in depth and highly trained in the culture that surrounds it, its service, tasting and of course, pairing.


As more customers become interested in this captivating, enveloping and delicious drink, there is more the need for professionals such as the Tea Sommelier, people trained to spread and spread the passion for this millenary drink, thus opening new business opportunities.


By becoming a Tea Mayoreo Customer, you can opt for Specialized Tea Courses with our Certified Tea Sommelier and Founder, Johanna de Rodríguez. Write to us at info@academiabaristapro.com to make an appointment with her and learn about our business proposal.


Find Articles where you will learn more about tea and its various preparations.

All of our clients receive specialized tea trainings with our Sommelier. To know details of our wholesale program for your business you can write to us at WhatsApp: 21000978.

Academia Barista Pro Online Course Portal for Tea

All the education that you will find in our ONLINE portal is completely FREE. If you still want a class with our Sommelier, you can request a quote for this advice. To receive access to our ONLINE TEA COURSES, you must become a customer of our products. If you are already a customer, request your access by writing directly to Johanna a WhatsApp at (503) 21000978. Thank you very much for your interest.

What does Academia Barista Pro offer you as a partner of your Business?

We have the largest and most exclusive line of Pure Teas & Herbs and Blends for you to start your Tea Business.

You can plan your sales business in detail, with your own mixes or ours. You can own a Coffee Shop, Restaurant or Hotel and offer our Teas & Herbs by the cup under your own brand. You may be interested in purchasing our teas and blends to enjoy at home. Whatever your reason, Academia Barista Pro is the perfect solution.

Ask for our updated catalog for the latest offer.

  • TEA BLENDER, start your business without having to worry about imports, looking for international suppliers, receiving damaged products and without quality.

Johanna de Rodríguez, together with the Academia Barista Pro team, has an exclusive selection of Teas & Herbs from suppliers around the world. We import them to El Salvador in large quantities, we monitor humidity, we have pest control, we have strict storage and packaging controls and we demand GRADE # 1 quality (New Harvest) seeking to maintain that quality throughout the year.


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Free: Cold Brew

How to prepare totally frozen infusions. For a complete recipe book, become a customer of Academia Barista Pro teas.