Producer: Cesar Magaña

This farms visit began with an incredible view and talk of its rich history, all part of the guided tour we enjoyed by the hands of producer Epe Alvarez himself. 

Don Epe showed us a National Geographic magazine dated in 1944, with an article called "Coffee is King in El Salvador." Amazing pictures backed up with interesting information of coffee from El Salvador in times of war and where it reads "El Salvadors Best Coffee called Malacara, comes from The Molino Mill." During that time, all of Malacaras coffee was processed by this huge Mill, said to be one of the Worlds Largest and most modern. 


Finca Malacaras history dates back as far as the year 1888, as such stated from records found by Mr. José Guillermo Alvarez, better known as Epe Alvarez, passionate owner and producer of this farm today. On 1888 Rosa Valle receives Malacara but later dies, and leaves this property to her husband Mr. Alvarez, Epes' Great Grandfather. 

On 1920's Malacara name became popular Worldwide due to the efforts of the Alvarez family participating in different International coffee fairs much like SCAA today. Passed down from generation to generation, Finca Malacara has now been divided in three. Malacara "A," "B," and "C". Malacara "A" is now Epe's. In his farm he grows Red Bourbon, Orange Bourbon, SL28, Gesha, Typica and many others. He has distributed his coffee plantation as such that those Specialty Varieties are grown at the very top of the farm, with highest altitude reaching 1650 masl. At the bottom part of the farm, he has been growing varieties with high yield. Producing for him has become a life's work and now he is a full time producer. His attention to detail is apparent on every part of the farm, he explains to us exactly how he chooses to grow different varieties, their ups and downs and how he plans to regenerate his entire farm. He is so meticulous, showing us what he records every single day: rain, temperature, brix, and many more data

We are incredibly happy to finally have him as part of the producers we will work with on 2017. We will be carrying coffee from Epe Alvarez including some very Special and Unique varieties, of course an exclusive for ABP customers. Stay Tuned on our facebook and instagram for News on which Specialty Varieties we buy from EPE this year 2017. 

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Updated 2020

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