Certificadores Internacionales de Café SCA Jonathan Rodriguez & Johanna de Rodriguez, Academia Barista Pro
Coffee Skills Program Certifications, Certificaciones del Programa de Asociación de Café, Certificaciones de Café Internacionales
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Both founders Jonathan Rodríguez & Johanna de Rodríguez will be teaching these International Certifications as Authorized Trainers by SCA (AST) in the disciplines of Introduction to Coffee, Barista Skills and Brewing.

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Itinerary of Coffee Certifications

If you still have questions about this certification or want any other information, you can write us a message via whatsapp: 21000978

September 2021 - LEVEL 1 (FUNDAMENTALS) ⁣

20 - Introduction to Coffee Certification⁣
⁣21 - Sensory Skills Foundation Level Certification⁣
⁣22 - Brewing Certification Level Fundamentals⁣
⁣23 - Barista Skills Fundamentals Level Certification⁣
⁣24 - Fundamentals Level Roasting Certification⁣

September 2021 - LEVEL 2 (INTERMEDIATE) ⁣

27 & 28 - Sensory Intermediate Level Certification⁣
27 & 28 - Brewing Certification Intermediate Level⁣
⁣29 & 30 - Barista Skills Intermediate Level Certification⁣
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International Certification - Brewing Foundation Level - 5 points - Online Exam


The Brewing Foundation Certification introduces the student to the different methods of making coffee. The student will receive theoretical and practical training on a variety of appliances, including automatic and manual gravity coffee machines and other coffee machines commonly used in their local culture. Students will also explore how to produce delicious coffee through knowledge of the essentials of brewing and an analysis of brewing results.


Once you have completely canceled the aforementioned fee, we will register you in the SCA system and you will enter the certification. Thus begins the registration process for this and all the certifications.


We are aware that there may be situations beyond our control that require you to change the date of your class or cancel your reservation. Our return policy will reflect the costs incurred in preparing your already scheduled class.


Refund Policy: The fees can be returned 100% if the training is canceled at least 14 days before starting the course in question. You cannot cancel 2 days in advance, but you can choose to reschedule your class by canceling the rate to reschedule.

Rate to reschedule: This Rate does not apply if reschedule before 14 days of starting the course in question.

The Reschedule Fee is 25% of the value of the course and applies to Students who want to reschedule their class less than 14 days before starting.


Hours: 9am to 5pm.


Includes: Class Materials and Lunch. Student will be responsible for bringing notes and pens.


PREREQUISITES: None, the Introduction to Coffee Certification is recommended without being mandatory



The exam is given ONLINE, lasts 22 minutes and must be passed with a minimum score of 60%. There are no practical examinations. The student will have 21 days to take the exam online.


SCHEDULING: This course will be scheduled in PRESENCE.


PRESENTIAL: Will be taught by ASTJonathan Rodriguez


REGISTRATION: You must have completed the payment of Fees at 100% of this certification to ensure your space. If the student wants, they can pay in cash or check the value of the exam before starting their first course.

If you have more questions, you can contact us directly at whatsapp: 21000978.


PAYMENT : Fees can be canceled ONLINE by requesting the payment link, by means of a transfer to the BAC account, come to ca