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KENYA SL - 28 / SL - 34

SL - 28 / SL - 34 (KENYA)

Sl-28 was identified by a company called Scott Labs hired by the Kenyan government in the 30s, who had to catalog the species of coffee suitable for commercialization, resistant to droughts, with good productivity and with high cup evaluation. Scott Labs identified and listed, reporting that there were two varieties that had potential and they named them SL-28 and SL-34.

ENGLISH: SL -28 was identified by Scott Labs, a company hired by the Kenyan Government in the 1930s, whose job was to find the commercially reputable varieties, resistant to droughts, with good productivity and great cup. Scott Labs identifies and numbered all the varieties found, but only two stood out, SL - 28 and SL - 34 with great potential.



SL - 28 / SL - 34 (KENYA)

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