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Jonathan Rodriguez Academia Barista Pro

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Johanna de Rodriguez Academia Barista Pro

Johanna de Rodriguez


Brewing (Extraction Methods)
Specialty Coffee Association International Coffee Certification

Brewing Nivel Fundamentos, Nivel de Inicio en Brewing, Metodos de extraccion

Brewing Level Fundamentals

The Beginning Level of the Coffee Skills Program. You can take this to start the Brewing or Extraction Methods topic.


This level requires successfully passing 1 online exam.

It is scheduled once a month on the calendar. If the student wishes to take it outside of this itinerary, they can request it by whatsapp: 50321000978
It is scheduled after completing the Foundations level. The Student can schedule it along with the AST on the dates that seem best to him.
It is scheduled at least 3 months after having successfully passed the Intermediate level.
Certificación Brewing Nivel Intermedio, Metodos de extraccion nivel intermedio

Brewing Intermediate Level

Requirement, to have completed and successfully passed the Fundamentals Level Certification. The student should already know the basic tools for this level.


This level requires successfully passing 2 exams. An online exam and another given by the AST.

Nivel Profesional en Barista, Barista Habilidades en nivel Profesional

Brewing Professional Level

Professional Level must be completed with a space of 3 months between Intermediate and this level. The student already manages the professional team, the student can make decisions by analyzing information that he managed at the Intermediate level to prepare different coffees in methods. You can formulate, analyze and interpret.


This level requires successfully passing 2 exams. An online exam and another given by the AST.

If you still have questions about this certification or want any other information, you can write us a message via whatsapp: 21000978

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