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A program with Academia Barista Pro will give you the tools to start your coffee business with a lot of knowledge. We will always recommend a training of 5 days or more. A basic program can include Starter Courses and some Advanced Courses, you will have the option of concentrating your program on a specific topic or on several. We have 5 different topics that your program can include: Professional Barista , Cupping , Brewing Methods , Competition and Roasting . The prices of the programs that you wish to carry out in our ABP El Salvador facilities are those that we have detailed in our Courses sheet. THE PRICES WE DETAIL ON THIS PAGE ARE ONLY IF YOU TRAVEL TO EL SALVADOR TO RECEIVE COURSES OR PROGRAMS. IF YOU WANT US TO TRAVEL TO YOUR COUNTRY, THE PRICE OF YOUR PROGRAM WILL BE DIFFERENT, PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL TO QUOTE YOUR PROGRAM. Remember that at the price of your courses or programs we add VAT 13% (Tax in El Salvador).


STEP 1: Choose the courses you want to take. Remember that each topic has its Start course and that is why you must Start.

STEP 2: Being sure of your courses, to know the exact time of your program, add the days of duration.

STEP 3: Add the Prices. Remember that you must add VAT which is 13% on the total value.

STEP 4: If you are already sure you want to program, ask us for the payment form to reserve by email to or find a Paypal button on our Programs page to make your payment. (3-day programs from $ 20 to $ 500.00 - Reserve with $ 25, Programs of 10 days or from $ 501 to $ 800 - Reserve of $ 50, Programs of 11 days or more and from $ 801 onwards - Reserve with $ 100) You can request we send you the sheet payment of your reservation by mail if you like. You can pay through Paypal or If you don't like making payments online, you can make your payment through Western Union or Money Gram.

STEP 5: Once the payment of your reservation has been made. Together with our staff, coordinate by mail, phone or whatsapp, the date of your program. Remember to book well in advance.




We strive to give you the tools you need to Open a Specialized Coffee Business while understanding about The Coffee World. We will always recommend a 5 or more Training Program for your Basic Needs. A Basic 5 Day Program may include all Initial Courses and Some Advanced or may concentrate on one Subject. There are 5 Different Subjects to choose from: Professional Barista, Cupping For Coffee Shop Businesses, Brewing Methods, Competition, Roasting. Visits to farms are not considered Training Programs. We have detailed ONLY prices of our programs if you plan to come to El Salvador and receive them. PRICES PUBLISHED IN THIS PAGE ARE ONLY IF YOU TRAVEL TO EL SALVADOR TO RECEIVE THEM. IF YOU NEED US TO TRAVEL TO YOU, PRICE WILL BE DIFFERENT, SEND US AN EMAIL TO QUOTE THE RIGHT PROGRAM FOR YOU IN YOUR COUNTRY, WE TRAVEL ANYWHERE YOU NEED US. Please remember to add 13% tax, if we have not been done so already.


STEP 1: Choose the courses you'd like to take. At ABP you need to start with our Beginners or Initial Course on each subject.

STEP 2: When you are ready with your courses, to find out how long your program is you should add each courses duration.

STEP 3: Add each courses price to find out how much it will be $$$. El Salvador Tax is 13%.

STEP 4: If you are ready, ask for a Paypal Reservation Fee Sheet over email or you may opt to find a paypal button on this page to make your payment and reserve your program. (7 days or less program of $ 20 to $ 500.00 - Reserve with $ 25, 10 day programs of $ 501 to $ 800 - Reserve with $ 50, Programs of 11 or more days or $ 801 and beyond - Reserve with $ 100)
STEP 5: Once you've paid your reservation fee. With our personnel over email, phone, whatsapp, choose your program dates. Remember to plan ahead.

Pay for your Courses, Programs, SCA Certifications Online

Contact us at our whatsapp number (503) 21000978, we will gladly send you the payment link for you to pay all the services you are interested in. 



ENGLISH: Our Competition Programs start at 10 days. Based on our experience, more than 8 years training Baristas for Competition, one of the most important aspects is to deliver excellence and this is achieved through practice, practice and more practice. When we teach Baristas from the ground up, it is important to have more than 10 days of training, and this will give us more time to attack bad habits and perform as needed during a Live Event. If you are interested in Competing try to evaluate yourself on How good are you when speaking in front of an Audience? Can you multitask? During our programs we practice Public Speaking and may practice in front of real National Judges to see how well we can perform on a real Event. We require client to Reserve Online 1 month before training.



Class schedule:
Monday to Saturday
9am to 12pm
2pm to 5pm

Monday to Saturday
9am to 5pm

79 Avenida Sur y Calle Cuscatlán, Edificio Plaza Cristal, Local 1-2 Colonia Escalon San Salvador El Salvador 00000

PHONE: (503) 22637706

WHATSAPP: (503) 21000978

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