This document is made for the staff, students and visitors of Academia Barista Pro. Our operations are running normally here at Academia Barista Pro. You may visit or call from Monday - Saturday 9am till 5pm. 

In light of the Covid 19 situation, we have implemented the following protocols and sanitary measures for the prevention and spread of COVID 19 at Academia Barista Pro, these rules will be applied permanently and followed by both trainers, students and visitors alike:

- We will be taking body temperature upon admission with infrared thermometer,

- Disinfecting shoe soles before entering,

- We will require at all times the use of mask for staff, students and visitors.



Personalized courses are allowed during this time, as we meet social distancing required, this is why our course curriculum and requirement has not changed. We still have a maximum number of students for each class 2 people per coach, this is to ensure and to comply with social distancing requirements allowed by authorities.


If we respect and keep following sanitary practices to achieve and change our and community behaviors, the impact of spreading Covid will reduce. Wear an appropriate mask, authorities are recommending surgical or KN95 masks at all times, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, stay home if you feel sick, clean and disinfect high traffic areas frequently and follow the precautions that the World Health Organization guides us during this emergency.


What is Academia Barista Pro doing and What are our Sanitary Protocols?



Cleaning and Disinfecting at Academia Barista Pro.


  • 2 times a day we will be cleaning and disinfecting all frequently touched surfaces.  (doors, handles, drawers, workstations, sinks, toilets, espresso machines, tampers, dispensers, grinders, television controls, pens, pencils, scales, brewing methods, cups, benches and chairs)

  • We will be doing cleaning BREAKS mid-morning and mid-afternoon, where we will disinfect the entire work area used by Students and Trainers during class.

  • Disinfectants are endorsed by EPA, developed to ensure that all contact surfaces are properly cleaned, to continue to comply with hygiene protocols.

  • We have purchased all cleaning equipment to promote everyone's hygiene and safety. Soaps, Alcohol Gel 70% or more (they will be permanently placed near the work area so that our staff, students and visitors can use it).

  • After touching money, credit cards, credentials, they are returned to the customer, advised to put away and both must wash their hands for 30 seconds.

  • All Cash we receive, we will be disinfecting via infrared light gear. 



Prevention Measures for Students and Trainers.


  • Students, coaches should wash their hands for 30 seconds, dry their hands well and apply alcohol gel before and after each class.

  • An espresso cup will be assigned for the coach and another for the student (of different colors). They cannot both drink from the same cup.

  • During class, it will be imperative that students do not get too close and keep a safe and fair distance between teammates and coaches.

  • We will be reinforcing students sit separately, in order to practice an acceptable and safe social distance. Maximum of students per course is 4.

  • All students must enter ABP with a mask and may not take it off as a preventive measure. Masks are intended to protect other people, in case the person wearing the mask does not know they are infected and has no symptoms.

  • Before entering ABP, students will have their temperature measured and the soles of their shoes will be cleaned with disinfectant.

  • After going to the bathroom, the student is asked to wash their hands again for 30 seconds as a preventive measure and use alcohol gel, before continuing with his class.

  • Coaches will wear a mask.


We may change, add, or modify any of these protocol rules as necessary. We appreciate your interest in Academia Barista Pro.


Cupping Courses Preventive Measures


  • Students must wear masks except when doing olfactory exercises and tasting. Students may take their mask off in silence while doing the exercises. All Cupping Courses require some kind of olfactory or tasting. We do recommend you change masks during the day or every 4 to 5 hours. Each student will be separated by 1 meter apart during these exercises to ensure distancing. If we have more than one student during this class, we will make sure to respect the necessary distances between each other. 

  • Each student and coach will receive their own samples of the same coffee. Students will not be allowed to cup from other students sample.

  • Each student receives 1 disinfected cupping spoon, which they can use during all their classes. All spoons are disinfected with UV rays, soap and 90% alcohol. Student may Buy a Specialized Cupping Spoon at Academia Barista Pro to cup in class. 

  • The student may choose to take these courses and cupping programs individually, except for any SCA certification. SCA certifications will allow a maximum number of 4 students.  


PICK UP protocols


Our clients have the option of picking up all their coffees, teas and accessories orders at any time, from monday - saturday 9am till 5pm. We have contactless payment methods through electronic bank transfer, through credit card on WhatsApp. If the customer wishes to pay for their products at ABP, they may do so as well.


All visitors must arrive unaccompanied. Companions must wait outside. Coffee, tea or accessories, if the customer has already paid, we can take all of your products to the door when you ask for pick up this way. We may not deliver them outside of Academia Barista Pro or at the parking garage. Coaches or employees may not go outside to deliver products. 


If you still have to make the payment, you must enter and abide by our security measures. We accept cash, check, transfer, credit card payments for purchases over $ 15.


Sampling testing protocols


For our scheduled tastings, we allow a maximum of 4 people in addition to the coach or sommelier in charge. These 4 people must have a mask at all times and only the person who tests can remove it.


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